Diamond Bar Home Care: Physical Trauma Increases Risk of Arthritis

parkinson care san marino caregiver a1At the conference for the European League against Rheumatism Annual Congress (EULAR) this year, researchers presented the results of a study on the increased risk of developing Psoriatic Arthritis among patients who suffered from physical trauma, especially when the patients’ bones and/or joints were injured.  In addition to stiffness and swelling, Psoriatic Arthritis manifests itself in the fingertips and spine and may flare at any arbitrary time.  Less common than other forms of Arthritis, this rare disorder affects about 1% of the American population, generally appearing after age 30 and before 50.  Those who have a pre-existing condition of Psoriasis are more likely to develop Psoriatic Arthritis.  A-1 Home Care in Diamond Bar provides 24-hour caregiver services for all types of Arthritis.

What to Expect from Arthritis In-Home Care

Mobility is difficult for vulnerable adults.  Pain during movement makes older adults reluctant to exercise, which is the very thing that could alleviate the symptoms of Arthritis.  Deformed joints, disfigured appearances and flaring pain take a toll on a person’s emotional health, making it difficult for family members to be around them.  Family caregivers feel the strain on the relationships with their elderly loved ones; taking on the burden of allowing one’s parents to move in with them, family providers struggle with keeping a balance between professional, personal and family obligations.  A-1 Home Care in Diamond Bar can step in and lend a helping hand wherever you need it!  Be it house chores, meal preparation, personal hygiene or transportation, any kind of assistance will give you relief and a peace of mind.

Diamond Bar’s Arthritis Care at Your Fingertips

There’s no need to fret when you have A-1 Home Care by your side.  Reliable, affordable home care services are available in your hometown of Diamond Bar or other cities within a 30-mile vicinity!  You can hire a seasoned caregiver without breaking your bank account with A-1 Home Care’s easy financing and payment plan options.  Live-in and live-out care, 24-hour and hourly care, overnight care and senior companion care are covered by Veteran Benefits and long-term care insurance providers like Penn Treaty and John Hancock.

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Arthritis Prevention

a-1 home care arthritis prevention diamond bar


Arthritis may be common but it does not mean you can’t prevent it. Cartilages that get damage cannot make full recovery or grow new cartilages, thus preventing damage to the cartilages is important. A healthy diet and exercise is important to maintain healthy cartilages. A healthy diet gives you the benefits of antioxidants, vitamin c and d, and other properties that can keep your joints strong and healthy. Together with exercise, it can keep excess weight off. Extra weight results in more pressure on the joints and cartilages. Exercise is a great way to keep your joints and cartilages stimulated and strong. If you don’t stretch or move your joints often, it can become stiff and fragile. Exercise should be in moderation so you do not hurt your joints. Another prevention is to avoid doing any activity that may hurt your joints such as heavy lifting. Keeping your joints and muscle healthy strong is the best prevention for arthritis.

You can learn more about arthritis prevention at “Keeping Your Joints Healthy: A Complete Guide to Staying Strong” by CNN Health

If you are suffering from arthritis, A-1 Home Care in Diamond Bar works with caregivers who can provide quality home care services including arthritis care. A-1 Home Care also offers arthritis care in WhittierDowneyFullerton, and other cities in the San BernardinoLos Angeles County and Orange County,

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