Diamond Bar Hospice Care Options for Advanced Heart Failure

24 hour care in diamond bar a1 home careIf your elderly loved one has advanced heart failure, shared decision-making becomes an important step in determining treatment options for the remainder of your loved one’s life.  Advanced heart failure is determined when heart disease reaches a stage beyond curable treatment and management strategies.  In the United States, about 570,000 seniors have advanced heart failure.  Shared decision-making involves discussions about end-of-life options.  Does your loved one want to be resuscitated in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest?  How long would your loved one want to be on life support?  Hospice care, or palliative care, is always included as part of one’s end-of-life care planning.  Many seniors request not to be hooked onto a life support machine; they rather just enjoy the rest of their remaining days in peace and comfort as much as possible.  A-1 Home Care offers 24-hour hospice care for seniors and their families in Diamond Bar and surrounding cities.
Professional Hospice Caregiver Acts as Liaison


Planning your loved one’s end-of-life care evokes much grief during the process, but A-1 Home Care in Diamond Bar will be here to help you every step of the way from answering any questions you may have about your elderly loved one’s wishes to providing in-home care assistance such as meal preparation, chores, bathing, and personal care.  Our seasoned and highly skilled hospice caregivers will serve as a liaison between your loved one’s medical team, you and your elderly loved one.  Hospice care in the familiarity of your own home provides additional peace for your loved one as opposed to receiving hospice care at a nursing home or hospital.  According to the Hospice Foundation of America, individuals prefer to die in comfortable surroundings than clinical, institutional settings.  Among many other benefits of in-home palliative care, giving your elderly loved one a sense of dignity in his final days is quintessential.


About A-1 Home Care


Established in 1991, A-1 Home Care is a licensed, bonded and insured agency providing all types of in-home care services, such as hospice care, cancer care, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, Arthritis Care, Parkinson’s Care, Lou Gehrig’s Care and more.  We offer high quality in-home care at the most competitive rates in Diamond Bar, which sets A-1 Home Care apart as the most preferred home care agency in Southern California.  Our caregiver recruitment process is meticulous; we thoroughly screen every caregiver and certified nurse assistant while inviting you to be part of the selection process.  A-1 Home Care offers personable service at its best, starting with a 24-hour hotline that will always connect you to a live operator on the other end rather than automated answering system.  You can finance superior elder care with our reasonable rates or go through long-term care insurance and/or veteran benefits.


To hire a caregiver, call A-1 Home Care today (909) 861-7700 or visit us at www.diamondbarinhomecare.com to learn more about hospice care in Diamond Bar, Arcadia, Pomona, Chino, Covina, San Dimas, and other cities in Los Angeles County.



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Diamond Bar Parkinson’s Care for the Elderly

a-1 home care los angeles elder careHave you noticed any major changes in your health recently?  You may be at risk for Parkinson’s disease if you experience any of the following symptoms that are usually clustered together: difficulty using hands, loss of balance, trouble with walking, and tremors or stiffness on one side of the body.  Parkinson’s disease is a progressive movement disorder which worsens over time.  Family caregivers may be able to take care of their elderly loved ones at first, when the symptoms are mild and manageable for the untrained eyes and hands.  However, in the more advanced stages of Parkinson’s, doctors recommend professional in-home care help to maximize care for the patient.  This is where A-1 Home Care in Diamond Bar comes in.

How A-1 Home Care Can Help

Severe symptoms of Parkinson’s, such as dementia, hallucinations and severe depression, can be tough for family members to handle, especially when they have to be away at work and are not home to provide any support for their loved ones.  Dealing with the emotional and physical aspects of Parkinson’s can be overwhelming for many families; A-1 Home Care in Diamond Bar provides top-notch 24-hour care for seniors who are at any stage of Parkinson’s.  Our live-in and live-out caregivers will be great professional resources upon which families can draw their strength and support.  Round-the-clock care includes assistance with meal preparation, light housekeeping, prescription pick-ups, transportation, and personal care.  We can also help rearrange your furniture to ensure safety in the home.

Why A-1 Home Care in Diamond Bar?

A-1 Home Care is one of Los Angeles County’s leading home care agencies providing excellence in senior care for families in Diamond Bar, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Pasadena, and other cities throughout Los Angeles County.  Our compassionate, highly skilled caregivers work with multidisciplinary medical professionals to foster connection between families and their elderly loved ones’ health care team.  The exceptional in-home care that seniors receive continually wins the hearts of families who in turn refer their relatives and friends to A-1 Home Care.  You can finance affordable Parkinson’s Care at competitive rates or go through veteran benefits or long-term care insurance.

For a free consultation, call A-1 Home Care today (626) 287-0250 or visit www.diamondbarinhomecare.com for superior and affordable Parkinson’s Care.

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