How The Elderly Can Communicate with Their Medical Professionals

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Doctors are experts on the human body, but we are the one who knows our own body the best.  So if you are experiencing chronic pain, and you are paying your doctor a visit, don’t just vaguely describe your pain.  Instead, go into details about what exactly you are experiencing when you do have pain.  For example, is your pain a dull, aching type of pain? Or is it a sharp pain?  On top of that, describe the type of pain relief you have tried and tell the doctor which treatments are most effective.  Finally, tell the doctor how the chronic pain is affecting your daily lives.  For instance, is it making it difficult to perform at work? Are you not getting enough exercise because of the pain?  These are all valuable information that your doctor can use when trying to diagnose your pain and formulate a treatment for you.  So when you see your doctor next time about your pain, keep in mind to go into details about the pain and what entails because of it.

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