Study Reveals: People Who Spend More Time Sleeping are More Likely to Develop Dementia – Learn How to Prevent This

a-1-home-care-cancer-care-pico-riveraDementia and Alzheimer’s disease affects thousands of aging people all over America. A new study reveals that there may be a link between dementia and excessive hours of sleep. There are more the 40 million people suffering from dementia and the numbers are expected to dramatically increase. People with prolonged sleeping patterns also run the risk of entering into depression. Although sleep is very important and highly suggested, like anything, it must be moderated.

What You Should Do to Possible Prevent Depression and Dementia

Staying active and exercising you mind is an important step for the prevention or slow-down of dementia. It can be difficult finding the time to spend with your elderly loved ones, especially with jobs and families of your own. A-1 Home Care in Diamond Bar provides elderly care services for help at home or at assisted living facilities. It is important for the elderly to stay active and social as they age. Fortunately, A-1 Home Care provides assistance in facilities such as Silverado Senior Living, Whittier Place, Claremont Place and Oakmont of Chino Hills.

Why Should You Get a Caregiver at An Assisted Living Facility

Many times, caregivers in assisted living facilities can be assigned to 10-15 people. This complicates relationships between caregiver and client. It becomes understandably difficult for a caregiver to give undivided and genuine attention to their clients. Luckily, A-1 Home Care does not solely provide caregivers but companions for your loved ones. Our mission is to find a caregiver that genuinely connects with you and your family at a deepness that may not be reached by other caregivers. Our nurse assistants are CPR certified, First-Aid certified and provide around the clock service. Moreover, if anything were to happen to your loved one, home health aides are aware of the surrounding hospitals such as Huntington Memorial Hospital, Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Medical Center, and Chino Valley Medical Center.

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Caregiver for Alzheimer in Diamond Bar

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While it is most common among seniors and elderly to get Alzheimer’s Disease, nearly 4 percent of the cases in the United States are among those younger than 65, also called young/early onset Alzheimer’s.  While only a small ratio of Alzheimer’s affects those in the 40’s and 50’s, it still adds up to about over 200,000 people with early onset according to the Alzheimer’s Association.  In addition, because the disease is not common in the younger than 65 demographic, many health care providers often overlook the disease and miss the diagnosis for an early onset patient.  If you or your loved ones are in that age group, and are having memory problems, talk to your doctor about having a comprehensive medical examination from an Alzheimer’s specialist.

A-1 Home Care in Diamond Bar offers excellent and dependable caregivers in Alzheimer’s Care, Parkinson Care, Arthritis Care, Incontinence Care, Cancer Care, After Surgery Care, Post Stroke Care, and other Elderly In Home Care Services.  We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and are licensed, bonded, and insured.  Covering Diamond Bar, San Dimas, La Verne, Covina, Claremont, Walnut, Montclair, Pomona, Chino Hills, Riverside, Moreno Valley and other cities in Los Angeles and Orange County, along with our flexible scheduling, you will be sure to find the service you need.

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Care at Home for Seniors & Elderly in Diamond Bar


Osteoarthritis is one of the more common form of arthritis, and nearly 30 million people in this country are suffering from osteoarthritis according to the Arthritis Foundation.  So why is this disease happening in such high frequency?  Here are a few factors that are known to cause the disease, especially among seniors and elderly.  First factor is the age of the individual.  Wear and tear is one of the known factor of osteoarthritis, and elderly individuals tend to have a high probability of getting Osteoarthritis because of this.  Next is obesity.  Unfortunately, obesity rate is increasing and the excess weight is putting stress on the body, especially on the bones and joints.  If a senior or elderly has been obese during the adult life, the wear and tear factor is more prevalent.  Another possible factor could be injury or overuse.  For example, Kobe Bryant, one of the best athletes in the world, had knee arthritis problem that jeopardized his playing career.  Lastly, genetic factors as well as muscle weakness could both contribute to the risk for osteoarthritis.  Despite all such factors, it does not mean that the disease is inevitable to happen for seniors and elderly.

A-1 Home Care in Diamond Bar has experienced and reliable caregiver providing their expertise in Arthritis Care, After Surgery Care, Diabetic Care, Hospice Care, Parkinson Care, and other Elderly Care Services.  Not only do we cover Diamond Bar, we also have service in San Dimas, La Verne, Covina, Claremont, Walnut, Montclair, Pomona, Chino Hills, Riverside, Moreno Valley, Baldwin Park and many more cities in Los Angeles and Orange County.  Our business is licensed, bonded and insured, and all our caregivers are certified in CPR and First Aid, so you can have a peace of mind when using our in home care services.

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Parkinson’s Treatment

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Parkinson’s disease is a chronic and progressive nervous system disorder in which the lack of dopamine causes tremor, impair of balance, and other symptoms. Currently, there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease. However, there are treatments to control and manage Parkinson’s. The most common treatment for Parkinson’s is through medication. The goal of medication is to control the loss of dopamine to control symptoms  of Parkinson’s such as tremor. The dosage and frequency of medication administered will depend on the patient’s condition. There are also surgeries that can reduce the symptoms of Parkinson but not cure Parkinson. PubMed Health has more information on this topic in “Parkinson’s Disease“.

A-1 Home Care in Diamond Bar can provide professional Parkinson Care to assist with the care of a Parkinson patient. A-1 Home Care also provide home care  services in WhittierDowneyFullerton, and other cities in the San BernardinoLos Angeles County and Orange County,

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Benefits of Hospice Care

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Many view hospice care as a death sentence and prolong the need for it for as long as they. It is actually better for patients and their family to consider hospice care before they need it. The earlier you start considering hospice, the more options a patient will have.  Hospice care is a way for patients to remain control and choose how they would like to be treated in the final stages of their lives. Hospice, usually provided at home, allows the patients to live out the rest of their life in the comforts of their own home. It also gives patients the dignity and respect they deserve. Hospice also decreases the chance of unnecessary pain and physical discomfort a patient may receive should they continue with their treatment at the hospitals. Learn more about hospice through “Understanding Hospice- An Underutilized Option for Life’s Final Chapter”.

A-1 Home Care in Diamond Bar works with professional and experience hospice caregivers who will treat each patient and their family with respect. A-1 Home Care also provide home care  services in WhittierDowneyFullerton, and other cities in the San BernardinoLos Angeles County and Orange County,

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Arthritis Prevention

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Arthritis may be common but it does not mean you can’t prevent it. Cartilages that get damage cannot make full recovery or grow new cartilages, thus preventing damage to the cartilages is important. A healthy diet and exercise is important to maintain healthy cartilages. A healthy diet gives you the benefits of antioxidants, vitamin c and d, and other properties that can keep your joints strong and healthy. Together with exercise, it can keep excess weight off. Extra weight results in more pressure on the joints and cartilages. Exercise is a great way to keep your joints and cartilages stimulated and strong. If you don’t stretch or move your joints often, it can become stiff and fragile. Exercise should be in moderation so you do not hurt your joints. Another prevention is to avoid doing any activity that may hurt your joints such as heavy lifting. Keeping your joints and muscle healthy strong is the best prevention for arthritis.

You can learn more about arthritis prevention at “Keeping Your Joints Healthy: A Complete Guide to Staying Strong” by CNN Health

If you are suffering from arthritis, A-1 Home Care in Diamond Bar works with caregivers who can provide quality home care services including arthritis care. A-1 Home Care also offers arthritis care in WhittierDowneyFullerton, and other cities in the San BernardinoLos Angeles County and Orange County,

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Senior Care Diamond Bar CA

Staying physically active  is good for both the physical and mental health. WebMD’s article, “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind” , provides a guide to staying healthy physically and mentally. There are many options to staying healthy and one of them is through senior care services in Diamond Bar provided by A-1 Home Care. Our in home care senior services are personalized and tailored to your own unique needs. Senior care services are available as hourly or live in depending on your needs. We work with certified home health aides and certified nurses aides who can assist with therapeutic exercises or just general exercise in the park. Senior care caregivers can also provide companionship to stimulate the mind and enrich the senior’s life.  Senior care services are a good way to maintain healthy body and mind.

A-1 Home Care also offers senior care in WhittierDowneyFullerton, and other cities in the San BernardinoLos Angeles County and Orange County,

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