Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care in Diamond Bar

parkinson care rolling hills a-1 home careAlzheimer’s Disease and Dementia are two words that often get confused.  People think they are one and the same, but they’re not.  Dementia is a category of diseases related to memory loss and cognitive impairment.  Alzheimer’s is just one form of dementia.  Most of the diseases that fall under this category share symptoms in common, such as impairment in perception, speech, memory, reasoning, judgment, and problem-solving skills.  As the disease progresses, you will start to see personality changes, heightened irritability, and loss of behavioral control.

Taking care of an elderly person with Dementia has a special set of challenges.  Unless you are equipped with experience and knowledge about Alzheimer’s and Dementia, taking on the daunting task of caregiving on your own will take a toll on your physical and emotional health.  Many families turn to non-medical home care agencies like A-1 Home Care to assist with cooking, cleaning, and personal care.  A caregiver can run errands and pick up prescriptions so you don’t have to.

Call A-1 Home Care today (909) 861-7700 or visit for more information.  We currently serve Diamond Bar, Baldwin Park, Claremont, Chino, Corona, Riverside, Walnut, La Verne, City of Industry, Montclair, and other surrounding cities throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.  

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